by Al Murphy

For his latest project, 'Flagging' Al Murphy has brought to life a selection of sketches and doodles, turning them into hand stitched banners, cut from the finest felt Wood Green's prestigious 'The Mall' shopping centre had to offer.

Hours and hours were spent painstakingly waiting for someone else to do all the stitching, during which time, Al watched television and checked Facebook and things like that.

Now, for the first time, 'Flagging' comes to a wall near you and invites the opportunity to own one of these stunning pieces, and make people ask 'why did you buy that' and prompt others to say 'i don't like it'.

Each design is a strictly limited edition of ten, hand stitched and made to order.

Al Murphy

Originally from the UK, Al Murphy moved to Berlin in 2006 because he wanted to be like David Bowie. In 2008 he moved to New York because he wanted to be like Joan Rivers.  He is influenced by the work of the great masters Neil Young, Charles Schulz and Bender Bending Rodriguez and likes a nice cup of tea and a walnut whip at exactly 3pm every day.