by Al Murphy

Three colour screen print
400 x 500 mm
Printed onto 250gsm G.F. Smith Naturalis paper.
Limited edition of 100 prints signed by the artist.
Printed by The Positive Press.

You can buy this print with it's partner in crime '999' here.

This print is available framed.
Frames are 23mm wide solid oak moulding from renewable sources, with an unstained or painted finish.
Lightweight glazed acrylic is used for superlative optical clarity, safety and durability.
Custom-made in the UK by GCF certified framers.


Al Murphy

Originally from the UK, Al Murphy moved to Berlin in 2006 because he wanted to be like David Bowie. In 2008 he moved to New York because he wanted to be like Joan Rivers.  He is influenced by the work of the great masters Neil Young, Charles Schulz and Bender Bending Rodriguez and likes a nice cup of tea and a walnut whip at exactly 3pm every day.