Ezekiel 36:36 Book

by Nick Ballon

In Ezekiel 36:36 Nick Ballon’s ongoing fascination and personal connection with Bolivia is brought to life with his documentation of Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano (LAB), one of the world’s oldest surviving airlines.

Founded in 1925, it has played an important role in every stage of the country’s history. Since it’s privatisation in 1994 LAB has suffered at the hands of successive administrations, becoming gradually dismantled due to chronic mismanagement and corruption.

Currently under threat of closure and with it’s downed fleet of aircraft slowly crumbling away this airline continues to survive through the loyalty and faith of its remaining 180 unpaid staff.

Each book comes with an A5 2 colour Risograph booklet (36 pages) of images from the LAB archive, a poem on the inaugural aviation flight in Bolivia and found LAB graphic material. Each book also holds a unique airline ticket from a journey in 1999.


Nick Ballon

Nick Ballon is a documentary and portrait photographer based in the UK, whose Anglo-Bolivian heritage is an important source of subject matter and inspiration in his work. He has published a number of books including Ezekiel 36:36 which was one of TIME’s best photo-books of the year.

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